Attention Agents

To support the growing use of agents by American universities, US University Tours endorses the efforts of AIRC, the American International Recruitment Council.

Supporting AIRC is an investment towards building a robust and trusted agent industry serving the United States.  To maintain our company's stellar reputation with US universities, we are working exclusively with AIRC certified agents, ones who commit to following the same standards in selling tours as they would in enrolling students.

We understand the cost of AIRC certification is a significant investment and for a select number of new overseas partners we are willing to provide added financial support to help you jump further into the US market.

Apply to AIRC and book your first group tour with us, and we will pay the $2,000 application fee to AIRC. Book a second tour and in addition, we will pay $3,000 toward the AIRC candidacy fee of $5,000. This offer is for a limited time, please contact us for details. US University Tours can be quite profitable for you and they can help boost your presence in the US market, combine that with AIRC membership andthere's no better time to promote education in the USA.

Visit AIRC for next steps and contact Jennifer Wright if you are interested in the US University Tours offer.

Quality Assurance for Our Tours

US University Tours commits to provide safe and exciting travel opportunities for students, teens, teachers and chaperones. Working with educators nationwide, we've introduced thousands of students to the world of educational travel combined with rich cultural experiences offered within the destination of choice. We hope to awaken and encourage the gift of learning that results through travel.

We are a division of All Aboard Tours, a well-established American company headquartered in Bergen County, New Jersey. The company is a member of NTA, the National Tour Association.

Each US University tour is fully insured and is guided by a professional tour manager. Tours are on modern, well-equipped motor coaches, fully licensed to operate in each state. All tour personnel have mobile communications and our headquarters has 24/7 live operator, on-call company customer service. Each tour follows a well-mapped travel plan with a Crisis Management Plan (CMP) in place.

US University Tours is a corporate sponsor of the American International Recruitment Council (AIRC), and fully supports the organization's initiatives for the ethical and responsible treatment of international students. The company requires that each of its overseas partners share in these goals of service to students and pledge to the following AIRC standards of best practice: | International Division | Mary Kopp
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