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Customized group tours to the college destination of your choice.

Visit This Summer

Colleges and Universities receive visitors year-round but are especially open to visits over the summer when American high school students are on summer holiday (recess).

The American school calendar does vary by school and by region, but what is typical is a late August start for the Fall Semester, a long break over the Christmas/New Year holidays, January start for the Spring semester and May end of classes.  Graduation ceremonies for colleges and universities in May, high schools in June.  While some students will attend university classes in the summer term, campuses are less crowded, the weather is very nice and faculty and staff are more available to host visitors.  This is when many American families will visit campuses and this is when we expect most our our overseas partners will elect to offer their custom group tours.

If you are parent or student interested in taking on our our tours, click here.

Group Tours for ESL and English Language Institutes

In addition to working with agents who bundle US University Tours into their operations, our tours are also available for language schools looking for added programming and options for their students.

For groups as small as 25, US University Tours can complement your programming by offering custom tours that fit with your calendar and your program's goals. For students who are university bound, our tours provide a hands-on experience that will increase their immersion to American culture and give them insight into university life. Tours can be paced to include breaks for language training and counseling and our host schools or hotels can provide facilities for your teachers to work with students.

The professionals at US University Tours can work with your program managers to create an offering that should give your language school a top quality extension to your current programs. For US-based language schools, the tours can operate as a short excursion to universities in your region or be offered as a longer tour between breaks or imbedded in the term. For those schools with limited capacity on campus, this is an excellent way to extend your capacity. US University Tours can also be used as a great way to provide exciting excursions between class sessions or terms.

For language schools overseas, US University Tours gives a fantastic chance to experience campus life first hand and to further the students understanding of American colleges, American universities and the American philosophy of higher education. Guest lectures on test preparation, the university application process, Liberal Arts philosophy, and creative thinking can be added to the tours, or can be offered by your staff along the journey.

US University Tours has a network of professional support people, well versed in international education and language instruction. US University Tours can provide supplemental teachers along the way or help facilitate the work of your faculty while on the road. Our top quality tour busses have video systems available so that the time between tour stops can become an added opportunity to teach and to learn.

Our tours also provide a great way to explore American culture and have fun. With our connections we can get tickets to shows like the Blue Man Group, Broadway plays or sporting events. Students can learn and have fun with tourist activities like Duck Tours and walking tours of historic cities. Amusement parks also are a great way to see and explore, all while practicing their language skills and developing a level of confidence in American ways. | International Division | Mary Kopp
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